Friday, 22 October 2010

Alright let's get this going!

I personally love these ones, but i am not sure about anyone else lol. I will be posting intense ones tomorrow, stay tuned!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

...How do i even put it in words

Okay so i can only assume everyone and their mums have seen this gif on the internet:
But oh boy i feel there is a giant fail coming on lol:

If you've seen that before, i think you need to go outside more!

And here is 2 funny ones, in the sense that they are beyond ridiculous.... and slightly arous... moving on:

That's all i have saved for now, my journey continues!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


That we evolved from apes.

Why are animals so messed up? These are irresistable to laugh at. I mean look at the balding gorilla. He has that depressed look on his face as if (...can they notice?.... :(, well at least ive got my looks... FUUUUUU).
And the bald monkey (what breed? if any?) looks like Ggandhi crossed between some old man thats gets off by looking at the youth of the nation. Of course not gets off, he would be impotent, but he has that devious look on his face, like he is eye raping someone.


You want more?!

You got more! Some of my favourite right here. I usually laugh at anything and everything (im looking at you painful videos!) but man these make me laugh my ass off.

If you don't laugh... what the hell is wrong with you!?
P.S. 3 of em are Gifs.

Don't know if gifs work here.

Always one way to try!



I see a messed up bear! Now i know what they look like under all that fur.

Messed up right?! Once i find some more messed up looking animals I'll post em!